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Nationwide Insurance - A Culture of Community and Service

March 10th, 2019


Insuring Ohio Futures recently had the privilege of interviewing Nationwide Innovation Executives Daniela Lohse and Jean Finnegan.

In the next video of our Insurance Innovators series, we hear from Daniela and Jean about how Nationwide approaches innovation to identify emerging policyholder needs, oftentimes before their policyholders are even aware of them. 

They also speak ....

What's So Exciting about Insurance?

January 8th, 2019

With roots back to 1901, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, then called the Ohio Mutual Tornado, Cyclone and Windstorm Insurance Association, has since grown to one of the country’s top insurers – covering homes, autos, farms and commercial properties in multiple states. And while the organization continues to be deeply anchored in its history and core values, Ohio Mutual relies on innovative people, technology and ideas to help meet its mission – keeping the promises that secure dreams and providing a better experience for policyholders and agents. 

In the fourth video of our Insurance Innovators series, Susan Kent and Chad Combs share their perspectives on ....

Tackling Innovation

June 25th, 2018

Challenge your role and make it more efficient.

Challenge long-standing assumptions by asking "why?"

Don't be afraid to fail.

This is just some of the professional advice offered by a group of insurance innovators at the Columbus CPCU Society Chapter's forum.

Dr. Jeff Sheen and Kyle Krumlauf from Grange Insurance joined Haley Smith from State Auto Insurance Companies, Yiem Sunbhanich from TNEDICCA and Andrew Farver from Westfield Insurance to discuss innovation and how the insurance industry is tackling it.

After the forum, the IIRC spent time with Sheen ....

Disruption is Coming

March 23rd, 2018

Innovators and innovation are everywhere in the insurance industry. Advancements such as drones, big data and artificial intelligence are disrupting the way we do business — and the way we communicate about insurance jobs to young people and career changers.

Insurance Innovators is a new video series designed to show off some of the often overlooked dazzle that lurks within insurance careers.


Just launched this month, Insurance ....

IIRC Year in Review

January 13th, 2018

In 2017, the IIRC continued building the talent pipeline as part of its mission. IIRC efforts have resulted in greater awareness among those most likely to benefit from opportunities within the industry. Here are the highlights… 


Renewing the IIRC Commitment

In April, Governor John Kasich stated, "We've got to put our foot on the gas. I know other states see our ....

The Insurance Collegiate Challenge: The Future of Insurance is in Good Hands

October 6th, 2017


If the secret to winning the Insurance Collegiate Challenge sounds similar to that of creating a successful insurance company, it's no coincidence. In fact, that's the purpose behind the inaugural event held Sept. 30 at Ohio Dominican University.

"We figured out how to collaborate as a group and make decisions that achieved predictability and steady growth for our company," explained Alec Wilkins, whose University of Akron team took top ....