Insurance Innovators: Advice to Innovators

May 31st, 2018


At April's Columbus CPCU Society Chapter Ohio Insurance Innovators Forum, Dr. Jeff Sheen and Kyle Krumlauf from Grange Insurance joined Haley Smith (State Auto Insurance Companies), Yiem Sunbhanich (TNEDICCA) and Andrew Farver (Westfield Insurance) to discuss how they work with innovation every day in insurance. They emphasized that anyone can be an innovator. 

In the second video of our Insurance Innovators series, Sheen and Krumlauf disclose their formulas for innovation. Their guidance is relevant to an industry that is riding a wave of change, and as they point out, their guidance is also relevant to our daily lives. Where there’s a problem to be solved, an opportunity for improvement or a way to view something from another perspective, you’ll find innovation. And more importantly, we can all be innovators. Check out the video: 

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